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Monday, October 18, 2010

Recording the Demo - Carolina De Leo

Finally started to feel better Sunday morning, just in time for the band to come over to continue recording the demo in Carmine's studio. For the exception of Tristan and me, who recently joined the band, the guys have the majority of the album written. I believe last night was the first time the entire band was together for a recording session. Being that our home studio is in a small room, I figured I'd catch up on some house hold chores and pop my head in every now and then, but that didn't work out as planned. I was summoned into the studio, and I have to admit, I was shocked that the guys wanted me in there.

I've been involved in music my entire life, but was never involved with the writing process. Yes when I was a teenager I did write songs, but never thought it was any good, so I would just toss my silly songs away. I am notorious for singing songs and changing the lyrics to what’s going on around me. Like.... Baby Got Back instead I would sing Kitty Got Fat, and I would make my fat cat dance around... all in fun. What I am very good at is listening to Carmine's ideas and translating it, which may not make sense, but if you know Carmine, you know what I mean, and this was the reason I was originally asked into the studio.

As it got later into the night, the packed room got a little roomier and I began to feel more comfortable in expressing my opinion. I began to learn that I was on the same page as the rest of them. The mallet parts that I have written will really compliment the keys. By the end of the night, we were all extremely please and excited. I can not tell you how huge last night was for me, I felt like I too am an important piece of this amazing band. Tonight we will record my parts and then we can get Rowland in the studio later in the week for vocals. I seriously can't wait to finish this demo so that you all can hear how talented everyone is in this band and the awesome music we have to offer. We all work together so well and I had no idea being in a band that does originals would be so much fun. Watch out world, cause here come Negative Proof!!

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