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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty D's Debut CD Review -The Sense of Touch

Dirty D is an enthusiastic and hard-working man who is driven to succeed and produce some of the best Kick Ass metal from his appropriately named Dirty D Studios. While his studio generates ‘bumpers’ for radio & TV commercials, Dirty D decided it was time to create something more personal. Thus, the newly released CD “The Sense of Touch” was born. What he has created is a monster of pure heavy metal carnage with hammering riffs and crunching power chords.
The album starts out with the song “Alone” which was released prior to the official CD release and has already garnered attraction from numerous metal fans via download from his site and at ReverbNation. This tune chugs its way to a fiery guitar solo that gives you a glimpse of Dirty D’s guitar shredding abilities. One of the stand out tracks for me was the high energy “Soul’s at Sea”. It churns at a fast pace and provides some intense lyrics highlighted by some wicked guitar playing. The title track “The Sense of Touch” could easily pass for something from the early days of Black Sabbath, only with an updated styling on the vocals. Another stand out track for me was “The Ultimate Betrayal”. It kicks off with a steady groove and continues the momentum as it builds to a soaring guitar solo climax.

The album itself rocks. It follows a traditional metal format with some great heavy riffs and some entertaining guitar phrasings and solos. The substance of the album is great and the lyrics are solid and powerful, providing the 1-2 punch necessary to accentuate the hard core metal grooves.

All in all it's a good album, one with which the positive tracks will have listeners playing repeatedly over the years. And while this is the debut album from Dirty D, it is a sign of yet better things to come on future recordings. For fans of Corrosion of Conformity and Black Sabbath, you will not be disappointed. Dirty D demonstrates that he can create kick ass metal with the best of them!

“The Sense of Touch” track listings:

01. Alone
02. On the Floor
03. Where were you (My Friend)
04. Soul's at Sea
05. The Sense of Touch
06. Bottom Feeder
07. Wings
08. Do You Miss?..
09. The Ultimate Betrayal
10. Sin Eater



  1. Great album, strong sound, insane lyrics, what an experience.

  2. What a great band, keep heavy metal alive with DIRTY D!