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Monday, December 20, 2010

MCR-Totally Worth the 3 Hours of Sleep - Carolina De Leo (Adventures of Caro)

If you follow me on Twitter or friended me on Facebook you probably saw my posts two Mondays ago about me lacking in sleep.   Well if you didn't know already, I'm a big My Chemical Romance fan!  I wasn't on the MCR bandwagon until early 2005.  Not sure what rock I was living under but I hadn't heard of them until I saw the Helena video, and I had to hear more!  Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge was on repeat!!

When my peeps found out MCR would be playing in Tampa.... ROAD TRIP time, well, in our case mini road trip!  It was radio station 97x Next Big Thing 10, lots of bands were playing however we only caught the last three.  You see there is this burger joint we LOVE, Red Robin, and there aren't any near us.  So whenever we are near one, we make it a point to eat there.  So we made a stop in Ft Myers on our way to Tampa.

We got to see the end of The Black Keys set.  Am I the only one who had never heard them before?  I tell you, I felt like an ass hole, because these guys are great.  They are blues-rock band from Ohio and I really enjoyed listening to them play, talk about some soulful vocals!  Apparently this band is made up of two guys but they have more musicians play with them depending on the song.  They've been around since the early 2000's.... yeah I must be under that damn rock again!  I'm definitely downloading these guys to get a better listen of their sound.

Chevelle opened up for MCR.  I totally had flash backs of college!  Driving in my '87 Lincoln Mark VII, no AC, only one window worked, the suspension was wacked it looked like my car had hydraulics, aaaaaah the good ole days.  I remember blasting The Red, that song was my JAM!  Honestly, I totally forgot about this band until I saw them again.  I would describe their rock music as an updated version of grunge.  You got that crunchy guitar sounds powerful vocals and a beat that makes you head bang.  Of this genre they're pretty good.

This show of MCR is by far my most favorite!  They played songs off of their last 3 albums, I cant tell you how much I loved it!  I'm really drawn to the songs, and some of them I feel like were written for me.  I know what you are thinking, why Carolina, you don't look like an emo teenager!  Dude, their music rocks, great lyrics and outstanding performers!!  Check out one of their shows, you will not be disappointed!!  Especially this up coming tour, more intimate venues with a very awesome new album, which is starting to become my new favorite album might I add!

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