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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dirty Skirty – Long Live Rock N’ Roll - Rob Rockitt (Hard Rock Hideout)

Kick ass rock and roll!! What more can I say about the debut from Tallahassee, Florida rockers Dirty Skirty? Dirty Skirty’s debut album Long Live Rock N’ Roll sounds like a rockin’ mix of AC/DC & Buckcherry with the swagger of Aerosmith. Don’t confuse Dirty Skirty as another AC/DC clone though. They are much better than that.

Singer Luke Stephens often sounds like he could be stand in for Josh Todd, and appears to be a better song writer than the Buckcherry front man. His vocals are great all throughout Long Live Rock N’ Roll, and the songs are so catchy that I bet you will be singing along with most of the songs after the second spin of the CD. Jeff Allen completely nailed the hard rock sound that I love with his heavy guitar riffs.

Long Live Rock N’ Roll blasts off with the rocker “Ride” and doesn’t look back.  Dirty Skirty has managed to dish out an all killer, no filler CD with tunes you will be proud to crank up!

You can grab your own copy of Long Live Rock N’ Roll at CD Baby! Check out Dirty Skirty on myspace at this link. Don’t miss out on one of the better hard rock releases of 2010!
        Rating:  Out of 10

Track Listing:
01 – Ride
02 – King Sleaze
03 – Red Light Go
04 – Dirty Angel
05 – Virgin Slayer
06 – Long Live Rock N ‘Roll
07 – Playin ‘With Girls
08 – Loud
09 – Spill Your Heart Out Tonight
10 – All The Way 

Skirty is:
Luke Stephens – Lead Vocals
Jeff Allen – Guitar, Vocals
Evan Garnell – Bass, Vocals
Eric Allen – Drums

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