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Monday, November 22, 2010

Carmine - The Master of Recording! - Carolina De Leo of Negative Proof

As most bands just starting out, budget is always an issue. Back in college with Carmine's old band we got good practice on where to cut corners. We learned that making (and more importantly keeping) as many contacts as possible can help. Other than the obvious expenses such as instruments, mics, PA’s, a big one is recording.

When Carmine and I first met, I was majoring in Commercial Music Business. I had to take a lot of classes in studio engineering, recording and producing, and I absolutely HATED IT! I know... it’s really really sad. I wanted to work in the business side like booking or artist management and it was required in my major to take those classes. Needless to say I changed my major to whatever got me to graduate (was going on 5 years! I wanted out!!) and ended up with a minor in Commercial Music Business.

During the time I was involved in the student run record label, Carmine’s interest in recording grew while mine did the complete opposite. We saved saved saved in order to get the home studio we now have. We also took advantage of no interest for a year credit card at Guitar Center, and paid that off before the interest hit. Carmine didn’t take any classes on how to record, everything he knows he learned by reading manuals, magazines, forums, websites, attending lectures and asking others. The kid is good! On mornings he has time before work, he’s in there. When I come home from work, I find him in the studio.

I have to say that the band is very lucky that Carmine found a passion in recording, because the amount of time he puts into our music would be very very VERY costly! I know I have been promising to let you all here the song we finished, but we want you to hear it with the best quality. Carmine has narrowed down to who we want to master the tracks, and we should have that finished soon. Carmine is the man, and I wanted to make everyone aware of his hard work, with out him who knows if we’d even be this far with the demo! 

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