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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Raven

A promising new band has recently been brought to my attention by Catherine Delaloye, the editor at Gothic International. The band is called 'The Raven' and it was formed by Davey Strehler at the youthful age of sixteen. According to his bio, since the Raven's inception, Davey has focused on improving his musical skills, while trying to put together a band that would share in his passion and dedication to take the band to the next level. After numerous members came and went, Davey released the long anticipated E.P through Danse Macabre Records in 2009.

The EP ’One Last Time' demonstrates the passion that Davey has been striving for. It is wonderfully produced and it provides the listener with a certain amount of yearning to hear more from this talented young band.

The music they create varies in style and intensity, while infusing a mythical darkness and seduction that will captivate your senses with a desire to meld into an underworld of Gothic fantasies and emotions.

The title track 'One Last Time' begins slowly with a sexual hypnotic feel that pulls you in as it intensifies to its inevitable climax. The song is backed with symphonic harmonies that paint the underlying theme with the necessary backdrop for Davey's vision.

The Raven is a powerful and entertaining band with definite potential in a music world that is filled with talentless musicians and record industry puppets derived to make a buck.

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