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Friday, April 22, 2011

Iron Maiden Weekend with MY TROOPER!!! - Carolina De Leo (Negative Proof)

Had an Iron Maiden filled weekend! Was freaking awesome! Friday after work I headed over to Rock n Roll Ribs, that place was packed, it was so fun!  Ran into my younger bro which was cool! The festivities had begun at 2pm and was still going strong when I got there at 7! The gang was all there and attacked Appetite of THE BEAST once again and they still have not been able finish it. Then we called it a night and my poor poor husband……got sick.... very very very sick. He was up all night and into the wee hours of the morning. Worried he was seriously sick we went to the urgent med and found out Carmine had a stomach virus. Off to bed he went, and I was anxious all day, wasn’t sure if we would be using our floor tix for Maiden. About three hours before the show Carmine was all in, but he hadn’t eaten much, and he was very weak. So we borrowed gram’s wheelchair and and made our way over to the show.

I bought our tix during the IM fan club presale back in what….November? Since we got floor tix, it was paperless tix, what a nightmare! We went through the handicap entrance, and guess what, my credit card had come up as invalid. WHAT?!?!?!?! Oh yeah, my credit card had been stolen so my credit card number is different. So off to the box office, but no, “we can’t help you at the outside box office, you need to come INSIDE”  So we had to make our way inside and had to convince the employee at the door we were going to the box office. Got the tix and made our way back to the handicap entrance, only to find out that they don’t allow wheelchairs on the floor. Off to guest services to see what the hell we’re going to do, Carmine was way too weak to stand. With the help of the fabulous employee LaNetra, they were able to move Carmine and I to the handicap section so he could stay in the wheelchair…..with his barf bag.

Some really good seats too, see how sickly my trooper looks :( I got him The Trooper shirt in hopes it made him feel better. Talk about a t-shirt line! My favorite part were these older gentleman in front of me kept trying to “school” the younger concert goers on how to get faster service in the t-shirt line. Maybe I should have given them some pointers because I was able to get mine first, but I’m going to go with it’s easier for me since I’m a female at a metal concert. When we were scanning our view, we noticed Mike Piazza & Eddie Trunk taking their seats near us. Check out our view, pretty awesome, if you look to the lower right side you see the backs of Mike & Eddie.

Thanks to the Fausto Cam I have some great pics! Thanks again Fausto!

Show as fantastic as it always is!  Now that my hair is long, I got to practice  my headbanging and some windmills!  Boy did I feel that the next morning, looks like I need to practice some more!

The crowd went NUTS for The Trooper! Since we were off too the side, we knew what was coming and were prepared! Didn't want the night to end!!!

Had a great time and Carmine was glad he pushed himself to make it to the show. Later into the night he kept feeling better and better and we realized he had one of the 24 hour bugs. I've heard people having them, never actually seen someone go through it, but they do exist. By morning Carmine was feeling much better! Thanks again to the BAC for accommodating us, had they not been able to Carmine wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the show!

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