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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Craig Wayne Boyd Review by Jennifer Smith (Lovin' Lyrics Music Promotions)

I first ran across Craig Wayne Boyd about 4 years ago through the "ya gotta listen to this guy" advice of my friend, Buddy, who lives in Nashville. Knowing that Buddy and I are pretty much right on the same track when it comes to what music we consider to be truly good music, I knew I was gonna like Craig and I was right.

Craig Wayne Boyd - "I Ain't No Quitter"

Engaging and enraging audiences nationwide, Craig Wayne Boyd brings the party to the people all night, night after night. Having performed over 220 live dates in 2009 and even more in 2010, Craig is determined to push the limits in 2011. The stage is home to this long haired rocker and bringing the best of Country and Rock to the ears of thousands of fans is what he does best. Craig's live show is more than listening to a band, it is an over-the-top entertainment experience. 

Born in Dallas, TX, Craig put Nashville on his radar after growing up leading vocal groups and playing bass in rock bands. With a smoother than cognac voice and songs filling his head, he secured a publishing deal, became an in-demand session vocalist, and began assembling a great backing band. Described as the “Motley Crue of Country”, Craig's vision is to take not only his music but the party to the people. A fierce, talent-laden musical force who refuses to take no for an answer and who never takes a back seat to anyone, Craig Wayne Boyd has brought a license to thrill to club and festival audiences throughout the country, receiving rave reviews, praise from radio, encores, and standing ovations at every stop.

You can find Craig online:

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