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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rise to Remain’s Austin gets fatherly advice - Eric MacKinnon (RockAAA)

Austin Dickinson reveals nugget of wisdom from Dad Bruce!

Austin Dickinson has revealed the key piece of advice his world famous rock star father has given him – don’t fuck up.

The Rise to Remain frontman says his Dad Bruce, Iron Maiden singer, has been massively supportive but he insists he didn’t realize how famous his old man was when he was growing up.

He told RockAAA:

“He has told me not to fuck up enough times."

“He also tells me all the usual father stuff and he is supportive which is all I can ask. I don’t think either of us could stand it if either of us stepped into each other’s musical endeavors. Dad wasn’t in Maiden for the majority of my childhood so I didn’t have a concept of what he did although I do now of course. He was a lot more creative than active and he wasn’t touring constantly. I did tour the world when I was very young, only around one or two-years-old so I can’t remember that. So I didn’t really grow up around music in that way although it has always been a big part of my life.”

Rise to Remain have enjoyed a meteoric rise on the metal scene, scooping a series of awards while also earning slots at both the Download and Sonisphere Festivals. Now the youngsters have confirmed they have penned a worldwide deal to release the hotly-tipped and critically acclaimed band’s debut album. And Dickinson explains the band had wrapped up the album long before they went looking for a record deal.

He continued:

“We spent a good while talking to a bunch of labels. We actually recorded, mixed and mastered the album before there were any major labels in the game. We did that because it was our first album and we wanted to take our time and care with it. We wanted to rearrange the band priority of getting signed to a label first then rushing out a record. We wanted to do it the other way by doing the album first and getting a good metal record done."

“Then we sent the album to all the labels and we spoke to a lot of them but EMI were the ones who showed the most enthusiasm and excitement and had the most plans for us. The whole thing fits together really well and we are really delighted and honored to be working with EMI."

“The situation has changed now and labels aren’t so much concerned with creative control as they are with merch and the likes because of downloading. It is really up to individual bands to do what suits them but as it was our first we really wanted to sculpt and hone it.”

The first fruits of the partnership can be heard with the release of a free track entitled ‘The Serpent’ which was released on March 22 and is available from the band’s website

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