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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Trip to the Grammy's and most memorable quotes from Grammy Week 2011 - Alison Nicole (

The 53rd Annual GRAMMY AWARDS, held at The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, California, February 13, 2011 was in short, a whirlwind!  From the time I completed packing my evening gowns and got out of the door, to boarding the plane in LA to fly back home to Texas!  For a moment I felt like time could stand still right there and I'd be just fine…

The first event was held February 11, 2011 at The Convention Center for the MusiCares Foundation, who named the legend Barbara Streisand "2011 Person Of The Year."  Long-time friends of Ms. Streisand and well-known artists performed in her honor, such as Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Leona Lewis, Seal, Jeff Beck, Glee cast members Lea Michelle, Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss, along with Faith Hill, Leann Rimes, Bebe Winans, Herbie Hancock, Kristen Chenoweth, Barry Manilow, and an incredibly-beautiful performance by Barbara Streisand herself, which got her a very resounding standing-ovation, singing "Evergreen".  

 "Evergreen" was cut and written by Streisand and Paul Williams in the early '70's for the remake-film "A Star Is Born" and the pair shared a Grammy and a Golden Globe Award for the song "EVERGREEN."  There are two versions of this song to my knowledge that were recorded, one with the timeless-Kris Kristofferson, her co-star in this film and the other of Streisand singing alone.   She did sing with Mr. Kristofferson on the night of The Grammy's as she was celebrated once again by her peers for her outstanding leadership in philanthropy, music, film-production, activism, as an author, and a beautiful human-being…

Barbara Streisand looked amazing, she sounded even more amazing, and I could finally see why the world has gravitated toward her since the early '60's when her career was just beginning.  Though I had always admired her talents and many gifts that she has brought to the entertainment industry, this time it was in person, a rare opportunity, and I was relishing in every moment and in every note!

Grammy night with its famous faces, glitter and glam everywhere, including the men with their ever-present white dress-shoes, Rolex on-wrist full of Diamonds and dash…  Gowns, mini-dresses, and everything in-between were seen on the Red Carpet this year, which really was no surprise.  There were certainly a few that stood out!  Who could forget Lady Gaga's statement by walking the Red Carpet as the Embryo of an egg?!  She is most-creative I must say.  I thought her performance that night was fantastic and have the utmost respect for her as an artist and as an individual.

While in my seat at The Staples Center, I had some much-needed time to reflect on my journey thus far, and what I was about to witness.   I thought of the many familiar faces, more celebrities than ones' eye could possibly handle, but I took it in stride and, what do I always do? SMILE…..

MUSE was one of my most favorite performances, along with Mumford and Sons with Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers, Esperanza Spalding and Katy Perry, who creatively used a detachable-train from her dress as the backdrop to be lifted high in the air for projected-photographs to be shown of her and now-husband, Russell Brand, on their Wedding Day.  I think she's terrific when she sings her songs in a simple acoustic-fashion.

I enjoyed the different personalities of each person I met, from the executive-level, to the the artist, to the maid's in the hall…   ALL  were So kind to me.   Of particular note Melissa Bachochin of the MusiCares Foundation who made so much happen for The MusiCares Gala and The Grammy Awards themselves.  Lea Michelle and a few wonderful young men from Glee who performed at the MusiCares Gala, and were so warm, friendly and down-to-earth.  Great group of kids and incredible talent to top it off!  I must also thank Miss Michaela of the Czech Republic who ruled the after-party and became a fast-friend-for-life…  The whole Paramore Band, who shared the airplane with me on the way home from LA to Dallas and were also most-kind, funny and friendly, each band-member shaking my hand and introducing themselves.  Then the talented Fiddle-player I sat next to on that same flight, whom I will reveal at a later date with much more juice.  I have good taste in Airlines… And now I must say, "American, the only way to fly."  Even though Delta Airlines was the official Airline of The Grammy Awards. 

A weekend I won't soon forget!  I was struck by the fabulous talent I had the distinguished-pleasure of sharing space with!  The MUSIC I heard throughout these days has continued to ring in my mind, and I realize the dream of winning a Grammy Award for some, is a life-long pursuit and journey.  It was most definitely a fashion-fest, however, The Grammy's to me is all about ACCOMPLISHMENT, PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, TALENT OF COURSE, AND VERY HARD WORK!!!  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE LUCKY ENOUGH TO TAKE HOME THIS PRIZED AWARD WE CALL "A GRAMMY."

From the Social Media Rock Stars Summit and MusiCares 53rd Grammy Awards music's biggest week got even bigger in 2011. In case you missed any of the action, here is a sampling of some notable quotes from GRAMMY Week: "I don't want to make music for people who don't care about music." — T Bone Burnett at the Producers & Engineers Wing's Shaken Rattled & Rolled event on Feb. 9.

"I'm pretty much a hypocrite because I've been throwing abuse and other various objects at the screens of various functions like the GRAMMYs and the Golden Globes and the Oscars." — Jeff Beck, who won three GRAMMYs Sunday night, in a Reuters interview before the show.

"It's weird because I feel like we're not necessarily a singing group. We just do it for television, so to be recognized as a's just really weird. I guess we weren't really expecting it being on a TV show." — Amber Riley, who stars as divalike glee club member Mercedes Jones in "Glee." "Yes! But it's a privilege. I have to give it all the feeling I have. I grew up with these songs, and I love singing with other singers, especially such accomplished women." — Florence Welch on whether it's daunting to take part in the GRAMMY tribute to Aretha Franklin. "Don't tweet drunk." — Adam Lambert at The Recording Academy's Social Media Rock Stars Summit on Feb. 11. "Bronchitis and laryngitis boo! I'm still goin' to rehearsals tho! Sunday is everything." — Rihanna, tweeting about her illness before the GRAMMYs. "I don't like to get political, but I have always loved her politics." — Comedian Bill Maher on honoree Barbra Streisand at the MusiCares Person of the Year gala on Feb. 11. "I wanted to be surprised. I didn't know who would be there." — Barbra Streisand, who didn't supply a wish list of performers for Friday's gala honoring her as MusiCares Person of the Year. "My niece recently watched a DVD of Funny Girl for the first time and asked why I was singing songs from 'Glee.'" — Barbra Streisand at the MusiCares Person of the Year gala. "I was told Clive [Davis] thinks I'm the best new artist this year, and that means a lot to me. I'm going to bring the future to my performance." — Janelle Monáe at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala on Feb. 12. "I ate a lot of…fried chicken over the holidays. So, I'm cutting back on that a little bit, but man, it's going to be hard to curb the drinking. There's too much celebrating. So, I won't be backing down on that at all." — Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. "B.B. King once said 'You can't serve two masters,' and to me, that means you have to decide if music is something that expresses that inner voice and the divine connection that is music, or [is] something created to meet other people's expectations. I've chosen the path of serving that muse. But as long as people keep inviting me to events like [the GRAMMYs], I'll keep coming." — Esperanza Spalding. "This is my first GRAMMY for music, and it's appreciated greatly." — Neil Young at the GRAMMY Pre-Telecast Ceremony. "It's one of Aretha's most popular songs, and I feel extra special to be able to do it for her. It fits me all around, vocally and the attitude and sass." — Jennifer Hudson on singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect" on the GRAMMYs in tribute to the Queen of Soul. "This past Monday I had the pleasure of having sex with her, on TV no less. It left me exhausted, aroused and more than a little confused." — Neil Patrick Harris introducing Katy Perry on the GRAMMYs.

"I especially want to thank all of you who took the time to send me 'Get well' cards and flowers. And most importantly, your prayers during my time of hospitalization. I wish I could be with you tonight, but since I couldn' year, okay?" — Aretha Franklin in a taped message on the GRAMMYs "We're going to go play another song because we like music. Thank you to the GRAMMYs. Thank you everyone. We're so happy." — Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler after the group's Album Of The Year win."Gaga is in incubation." — The singer's stylist Nicola Formichetti tweeting about Lady Gaga's arrival at the GRAMMYs in an egg."That is the hottest cane I've ever seen in my entire life." — Ryan Seacrest to Katy Perry's grandmother, whose cane was blinged out by Armani."Justin Bieber? Hairpiece." — David Letterman revealing the No. 1 item on his Top 10 GRAMMY surprises list.

"I should have thanked my wife instead of Howard Stern because I'm probably in a lot of trouble." — Train frontman Patrick Monahan backstage after accepting the award for Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals.

"We never expected we'd even get invited after we were nominated." — Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, who won for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals.

"Right before it went to No. 1, he asked if he could have it back but it was a little too late." — Miranda Lambert after winning Best Female Country Vocal Performance for "The House That Built Me," which was originally pitched to Lambert's fiancé, Blake Shelton.

"I need to say thank you tonight to Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney because when I wrote 'Born This Way,' I imagined she was singing it because I wasn't secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar." — Lady Gaga after accepting Best Pop Vocal Album for The Fame Monster.

"Oh my gosh, we were so stunned we started walking the wrong direction." — Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum as she accepted the group's third GRAMMY Sunday.

ANOTHER YEAR OF GRAMMY CELEBRATION FOR MUSICIANS and all those behind the scenes who make their music, their craft, a success, is over until this time next year….   Hope you enjoyed my point-of-view and look forward to your messages and comments. --------------- Alison Nicole Osmond

Until next time my friends……. Sing and Smile :-)

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  1. It seems that the Grammys had been a success compared to the Oscars.Although they are different award giving bodies. At least nobody would be muttering about James Franco or Anne Hathaway.