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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Negative Proof Update - Carolina DeLeo (Negative Proof)

Forgive me my head still feels like its going to explode, but I wanted to take advantage of being home and give you all an update. In case you were wondering what the heck is going on with the band, allow me to fill you in! It sometimes seems like things are moving slowly, but we have accomplished a lot. The band didn’t have the complete line up it has today until October 2010. We immediately started recording the first track for our demo, which was finished by December. So that’s what, 2 months for one song, yeah that does sound like it took forever! Keep in mind that was during the peek of the holiday season, and our work schedules rarely worked out.

We originally wanted our first album to be a concept album, which was more difficult than we had anticipated. I wouldn’t say we got writers block, we actually have the opposite, but I guess sticking to a theme was holding us back, and bringing some of the band members down. We finally made the decision to just scratch the concept idea and make an album, songs that were going to be part of the concept and others that didn’t fit the concept.

So far we have nine songs we’ve agreed to put on the album, Break the Hold, which is available on our facebook page and we are currently recording three songs:  a semi acoustic song,  a not so heavy song, and  a song you think it’s a not so heavy then WHAMMY it’s heavy!  In the writing process  we have an epic progressive song, three songs on the heavier side, and I believe one more not so heavy song.  Our webmaster is on a vacation, she got the website done for the most part (which is looking SIIIIICK). Obviously I will let everyone know when that’s completed, same goes for the band photos. As soon as we have all the songs completely written we’ll start booking some shows, which should be interesting since there are six of us, hopefully we’ll find places with a roomy stage!

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