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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Opposite the Satellite - EP Review 'Blind Spot'

Recently, I became aware of a talented new rock band out of Richmond, Virginia named Opposite the Satellite. They have released an EP that provides the listener with a refreshingly new awakening of the possibilities of rock music and the passionate intensity that will revitalize your senses and leave you yearning for more.

The vocals are aptly delivered by Joseph Bloomquest, who delicately weaves dynamic vocal phrasings with powerful, yet subtle bursts of energy with a metal angst underlying tone. Rounding out the band is Andrew Bloomquest on guitar, Todd Burton on Drums & Tyler Hock on Bass and Keyboards.

Opposite the Satellite music ranges from smooth melodic rock to a slightly heavier crunch when the song beckons for it. ‘Blind Spot’ is one of the highlights of the album that opens with a heavy punch and then settles into a slower groove that builds to a dramatic climax. ‘Low’ proves to be one song that seems destined to see radio airplay on rock radio stations. The song blends passionate vocals intertwined with a clean melody that culminate in a heavy and explosive emotional chorus! ‘Synopsis’ is the heaviest of the tracks on this LP with its driving guitar and bombastic rhythm work demonstrating elements of thrash metal.
In summary, this album is melodic, powerful and above all, it Kicks Ass! A brilliant and welcome change to the today’s music and I look forward to hearing more from these guys!!

In addition, I would like to add the following statement that is posted on the bands various links while their main website is being constructed.

Opposite The Satellite~ This is not just simply what we do. This is what courses through our veins and sees though our eyes. As we stand here opposite the satellites, we wonder, can anyone really even see at all? We are interested in music, in politics, and in people. Quite possibly to satisfy our own thirst for interaction, we are interested in relating to anyone who appreciates the simplistic and benevolent nature of life, anyone who feels, anyone who is confused, anyone who is trying, anyone who relates to more than just their own pinpoint in time, anyone who tries to see, and anyone who questions authority: Breaking the rules for the greater good is the highest level of moral reasoning.

~Dreaming Of A Revolution~

Opposite the Satellite can be found at these links!!


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