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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Amazing Metal Holiday Show - Trans Siberian Orchestra - Carolina DeLeo (Negative Proof)

Two Fridays we drove down to the American Airlines Arena in Miami to see The Trans-Siberian Orchestra winter tour, and what a show!!  This year I was able to get pre-sale tix and we got floor seats!  WOW!! I always enjoyed their shows, amazing lasers, lights, pyrotechnics, oh yeah and the band is AMAZING!!   A lot of negatives happened that night, NONE BY TSO, all by the people attending the show, very frustrating.

What an entrance!  At first I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed when I noticed a few of the members were different.  But then I totally forgot!  Maybe it was where our seats were, but everyone around us was so LAME!  There were times I wasn't even sure if people were cheering! WAKE UP MIAMI! Oh I'm sorry is this your first time to a show?  Get off your lazy ass and ROCK OUT PEOPLE!  Every time we hollered and raised our horns, people looked at us like we were insane!  If this is how a TSO show is going to be in Miami, I may have to pass next year (who am I kidding, I'll still go, I'll just be LOUDER)!

This is really a fantastic show, next year we plan to bring the parents, well more like my in-laws because my parents go if they are in town.  (My parents have such great taste in music!)  The first half is usually all Christmas music.  The second half is my favorite part, MORE METAL!! And its when all the lame-o's leave.  Like WTF? The people in front of us left, why bother paying for those seats if you are just going to leave in the middle of the show?!?! I don't get it.  Oh and I almost punched out this lady behind me who thought she could sing.  Ever heard of Mozart's  opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte)?  Probably not, well there is this aria that may sound familiar to you, called Queen of Night, go YouTube, it's amazing!  Well TSO does it, and not anyone can sing that.  Well the lady behind thought she could, and no, she couldn't, and it pissed me off.  Yeah I get it, maybe you sing in your church choir, and you know what, that's awesome!  I'm in a band, do you hear me singing that song... NO! So shut up, I paid to hear TSO perform it, not you.

I'm sorry, I really just had to share all that, but seriously, the show is really amazing, and you should definitely check them out if they are ever in your area.  I just hope people wont ruin your experience like they almost did to me.  

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