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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Caro's Holiday Gift Guide for the Musician - Carolina De Leo

Not sure what to get the musician/music lover in your life for the holidays? Hopefully my list will help you out.

My husband has quite the guitar collection, and like most guitarist he already knows what his next guitar will be. But not everyone can afford a guitar for a gift! So whats the next best thing?
The Shredneck

This is the perfect practice tool for the guitarist on the go.  Carmine keeps his at work for when he has down time and brings it along when we travel. I bought his on Amazon for  $45 (not including shipping).

If you have a big budget and want to invest in video camera with excellent audio quality, this is perfect gift for $200 on AmazonThe Zoom is perfect for shows, band practice etc.

We bought this a while back and use it all the time, the audio quality is fantastic! It also has the USB attached as well as the one for the TV, so you don't have to look around for any cables, how convenient!

The best holiday concert I recommend checking out is Trans-Siberian Orchestra

We've gone to their shows for the past three years, it is truly amazing! Great music, lights, EVERYTHING!
For the rock music lover, check out My Chemical Romance new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  This album has more of a rock sound than their usual punk sound and I'm really digging the new direction. My favorite track so far is Sing

Want to really impress the progressive metal fan, get Seventh Wonder's new album The Great Escape.

This one you will need to order online, this is one of my favorite prog bands out there and it boggles my mind they aren't huge.  I've talked about them several time here on my blog.  If you haven't checked them out, do so NOW!

Still not sure what to get, you cant go wrong with gift cards from Guitar Center or Sam Ash

Happy shopping!

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