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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Opera for the Metal Masses - Martell

Lets get things out of the way before we explore this new ground. Opera and me don’t get along, if its a major cultured event that helps shape our youth then I’m screwed. I have never been to the Opera, in fact I turned down a couple of chances to experience cultural awareness. We got an email submission from a group calling themselves the “heavy metal opera project”, Lyraka. We do make a promise as a team to look at at least every submission so I thought: Oh Lord! I sent it out on the last report of submissions hoping someone would snap it up, but were a pretty busy group so it got left. I barged in. Glad I did!

Lyraka is more of a concept film that is being worked on from what I can garner from my limited information. They have released a CD that is Volume 1 of the music from the upcoming production. I believe its going to be 3D stop animation much like the movie Beowolf. So right away I was put at east that I wasn’t going to hear 300 pound chicks belting out “Were Not Going to Take It.” This is all original music vocalized by some heavy hitters in the music scene.

Information taken directly from the website says:

Lyraka showcases a heavy metal opera score written by composer Andy DiGelsomina.The CD features the world-class talents of vocalists Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Group, Alcatrazz), Tommy Heart (Uli Jon Roth, Fair Warning, Soul Doctor), and Veronica Freeman (Benedictum); as well as production by Andre Maquera (8084), and additional vocal engineering by Jeff Pilson (Dio, Dokken, Foreigner) and Tim Luce (Alcatrazz). The CD cover showcases fantasy art by Ken Kelly (Manowar, Kiss, Rainbow)

I felt from reading that above statement that my ears were going to enjoy something new. The site allows you to sample some tracks off the CD and its certainly an experience. From shredding guitars to peaking vocals this certainly does bring Opera to the Heavy Metal Generation.

The coolest part for me of what they are doing is the passion that is behind it. They are a husband and wife team and are taking this project on together. Being the story of a mermaid came from her childhood obsession with the mystical creature. The hubby has been playing guitar his whole life and is a major fan of Rainbow. They have incorporated both of those elements in this “Mopera” as I now call it.

Take the time, scan some of the songs and open your mind. Its a very cool concept and I’m sorry I didn’t have more information on the topic. I do have one cool thing that has come out of looking around their site and listening to the song samples: I can now tell people I’m an Opera fan, well at least Mopera!

Show me your horns,


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