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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare - Heavy Metal Momma

Ok, where the fuck have I been, under a rock?? I know I’ve heard of these guys before but never listened to their music. I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to go for it and put my name down to do their review. OMG! This is something I’ve been missing and I don’t know why I would have ever thought that I may not like it. Goes to show that you should give a listen before thinking or judging…open the music room and let more in! These guys are awesome and have been around since 1999!! And I’m finding M Shadows’ voice and look pretty damn hott especially in the vid “Nightmare”, or even in the “Afterlife” ok, any of vids and actually all the guys look good but M Shadows is cute/hott especially with the dimples.
                                                     See? hehe

Ok, enough of that…on with the show….

They lost their drummer , James “The Rev” Sullivan to heart disease and umm he had some chemicals in his body at the time of death. They got some help from Dream Theatre drummer (Mike Portnoy) to finish up the 2010 album “Nightmare” and to fill in for all upcoming tours at the moment. It must have been hard for them but they kept on keeping on and came out with an amazing fucking album. I have respect for these guys for pulling through and giving us such fine work. When I posted on twitter about this group and couldn’t believe what I was missing, @bringbackglam said “A7X, best metal album of the year”. I replied “I can believe that!” she’s awesome by the way, give her a follow next time you’re on.

“On December 24, 2009 it was announced that Avenged Sevenfold had come in second place on Ultimate Guitar’s Top Ten Bands of the Decade, losing the top spot to Metallica.” If I was going to lose to anyone, I think I would want to lose to Metallica. Holy hell guys, that’s awesome for getting 2nd!! You beat everyone else out except Metallica.

For the “Nightmare” video, the music video is based heavily on the infamous scene from Jacob’s Ladder where Jacob Singer is being pulled on a stretcher through hell. M Shadows finds his band mates all acting mental (I really like the banging the head on the door’s window till blood that’s mental) and then comes upon the surgery room to find “The Rev’s” drum set with no one at it. Mike (who was covering from Dream Theatre) decided to not be in the vid as “The Rev” had written all the drum tracks and felt it would be odd and maybe disrespectful. I think Mike made a great decision b/c it adds to the nightmare of the video, empty drum set, death of a band mate/best friend – nightmare. Brilliant. There are many other homages and tributes paid to “The Rev” during this video.

If anyone else is under a rock like me, here’s a little insight on their name and songs – name comes from the bible (Genesis) where Cain is sentenced to life in exile b/c he murdered his bro. God marked him so no one could kill him and anyone who tried would suffer vengeance 7x over. So this is where the A7X comes from. They also make reference to other religious stuff with a number of their songs but are neither are or aren’t religious. They keep ppl guessing and never shove shit down ppl’s throats religious or political as many other bands do. What they do is create/provoke thoughts for both sides. I found this interesting and not manipulating or brainwashing to any one side. Maybe this has helped them become #1??! Possibly!

Ok, so I’ve found a jewel in the rough, a needle in a hay stack, a #1 among hundreds, thousands etc. Their album released in July of 2010 speaks for itself, #1 of the year…and why don’t you have it yet?? Have you not checked them out on all levels and let them in to your music room in your head? If you have them and enjoy their music, then you’re ahead of us that didn’t! kudos. I can honestly say I’m now one of the millions of fans and no longer under that rock. Let’s see how many other rocks I’m under and remove them with awesome kick ass music!

Thanks Avenged Sevenfold, you are amazing and have given me another high and a reason to get excited to do a metal blog

*on knees and bowing*

Play it Loud!!
Heavy Metal Momma

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